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1968 Shelby GT500 Mustang Convertible

This 1968 Shelby GT500 Mustang Convertible was for sale on eBAY!  I have copied Chris's description of this car below the photos.  I wish to thank Chris for allowing me to use his images and description of this most exceptional car here!

Car Details: 


Correct cast/dated 428 CID/335 HP V8 Cobra Jet KR Engine

4 Speed Manual Transmission

Original T-Code Candy Apple Red Exterior

Original Black Deluxe Interior

Original White Convertible Top

Power Top

Power Steering

Tilt-Away Steering Column (working)

Power Disc Brakes

New Reproduction 10 Spoke Shelby Wheels

Reproduction "No Size" Polyglass GT Tires

Original AM Radio (working)

Original Fiberglass Body Parts/Panels

Clean Ownership/Accident Free History in the Shelby World Registry
(Listed as trim tag correct color combination in the registry as well)

Following is a Description from the auction.

You are bidding on one of THE finest KR Convertibles on the planet. This car is a super solid, rust free, nut and bolt Concourse Restoration. It has a super nice quality body, with show quality repaint. The paint-job is superb example, with a flawless, completely showable finish. The paint, and entire restoration is approximately 3-4 years old, and it has less than 60 TOTAL miles since completion. This car is truly a NO-EXPENSE-SPARED restoration, completed by the current owner himself, and without final completion costs/time frame taken into consideration. The mileage is believed to be "actual" at 39,000, according to all information we have learned. This KR had a total of two previous owners before the current owner purchased it to do the total restoration on. The car was disassembled for a restoration years ago, and sat, apart, as a project for the last 15-20 years. It was purchased from a close friend in Columbus, Ohio approximately 6-7 years ago. All work was completed by the current owner in his shop, by himself, and his restoration staff, with the only exception being the engine machine work, which was done by a local machine shop. The entire restoration, parts location, etc took over 4 years!

The underside of the car is detailed to MCA (Mustang Club of America) Concourse Trailered status. This is one of the finest, and MOST detailed undercarriages you will ever find on any early Mustang/Shelby. This is a truly gorgeous car, including when viewed from the underside. The undercarriage features all the original sheet metal from front to rear, rocker to rocker. The floors, inner/outer rockers, front/rear torque boxes, inner aprons, shock towers, wheelhouses, trunk pans, trunk drop-offs etc, etc are ALL ORIGINAL TO THE CAR. Even the front fenders, door skins, door shells, front and rear valances, etc are original to the car. The rear quarters were replaced during the course of the restoration because of very minimal rust at the lower extremities. Even though the rust was VERY MINIMAL, it was decided that in favor of welding in patches on the very low sections of the quarters, a more appropriate replacement would be aided with the location, and purchase of an original set of NOS '68 Mustang Convertible quarter panels. Once located, the original NOS convertible quarters were attached at the ORIGINAL spot welded locations. In favor of "plug welding" (with a mig-welder) the new quarters on, an original "tong" (spot) welder was used to replicate the original dimple-style of quarter-attachment. This means that all the original locations where the quarters would have been spot welded on have been replicated EXACTLY. The trunk drops to lower quarters have the pronounced spot welds, easily spottable/visible to anyone looking underneath the car, as do the drip rail areas, and all areas visible to anyone who would remove the convertible top hockey stick trim.

The suspension/undercarriage componentry is absolutely brand new from front to rear as well. The upper control arms have the proper four-rivet style, with NOS ball joints installed. In favor of the "easy way out," the ball joints are riveted in, as the factory did, NOT bolted in, as everyone does today. This is a detail that makes all the difference on a high-end restoration. Another amazing detail is the addition of a pair of NOS rear leaf springs, with Ford part numbers, FoMoCo stamping, and ORIGINAL color coded stripes still in place!! The undercarriage is properly duplicated/painted as Ford would have done it on the assembly line. The correct red oxide primer is down the middle of the undercarriage, with a very slight blend of body color (red) dusted in from the rocker panels inward. All of the original style bare metal rings have been duplicated around the alignment holes of the undercarriage for that EXACT factory appearance.

The doors, hood, deck lid, convertible top, etc, all shut and fit excellent. The ORIGINAL Shelby body tag is still in place on the LH apron, as is the body buck tag (core support), and LH door tag, which is an exact reproduction made by Marti Autoworks, as the original was very weathered. The paint job is a superb base-coat-clear coat refinish of super high quality. It has an exceptionally nice appearance. The repaint was done in the exact same manner as the assembly line at Ford used in the sixties. The doors were pre-hung, and adjusted, then painted with the rest of the body. There are NO wrench marks, etc on any of the hinge, or door bolts after the paint was completed. The front fenders, and other body panels were painted off the car, and then assembled in the same order/manner that the assembly line used. There are no scratches, chips, blisters, dents, or blemishes that detract from the beauty, and quality of the refinish on this car. The body panels are extremely clean, and straight. This car has exceptionally nice body panel fit, and gaps throughout the car (unquestionably better than Ford/Shelby EVER delivered when new). As the car currently looks, its appearance is of high enough quality to trailer (or drive!) into ANY high-quality Mustang car show, and take a best of show/place extremely high in Concourse Trailered, etc, etc. If you want/expect a car that you can take ANYWHERE, and WIN, this is the KR for you!

All the trim, grille, pot metal pieces, stainless trim, emblems, etc are in EXCELLENT restored condition. Both of the bumpers, ALL of the stainless steel trim (convertible windshield moldings, hockey stick moldings, etc), have been removed, stripped, polished, restored, replated to a brilliant luster. All of the five Shelby anodized moldings on the front end fiberglass are NOS Ford pieces. The (front) side marker lights, front turn signal light assemblies, rear back up light assemblies, rear Shelby/T-Bird tail light bezels, rocker moldings, wheel well moldings, etc are all NOS Ford pieces, with original harnesses, with Ford part-numbered tags. The individual Shelby lettering, and exterior emblems are also all original Ford equipment too. All of these trim items were purchased when they were still available from Ford, and are now long obsolete pieces, and in high demand from a price standpoint. The original dated Lucas foglights were sent out for a complete restoration, and replate. Every inch of the brightwork is in gorgeous, restored condition, void of any damage, etc, etc.

The underhood is complete and has been detailed with EVERY proper piece/component. Everything is complete, and in working order under the hood. The underhood is detailed to specifications most people will not/cannot duplicate, for costs reasons. You can literally spend thousands upon thousands to try to replicate/duplicate the (CORRECT) engine compartment on a KR (Cobra Jet) Shelby/Mustang. This car features ALL of the following correct componentry: Intake manifold, distributor with NOS vacuum advance unit, rebuilt/recolored/restored correct dated carb (part numbered C80F-6510-AA, list number 4174, dated 844), proper PCV valve system, original smog system, original dated pump, hoses, etc. (NOT REPRODUCTION!!), correctly restored alternator, correct color coded vacuum hoses, dated spark plug wires, Autolite hoses, heater hoses, hose clamps, battery cables, Autolite battery/heat shield, B/B heater motor shield, restored 68 1/2 (only) starter delay, correct fan, pulleys, radiator, shroud, big block engine comp. braces, correct air cleaner base, lid, snorkel, S-tube, heat shield, dated exhaust manifolds, valve covers. All of the original Ford electrical harnesses (front to rear) were removed from the car, and sent out for a complete restoration. They were stripped of all the original black tape, and were completely recovered with the proper black "static-cling" tape, and woven/webbed cloth wrapping where appropriate. All of the original part number tags were added on the electrical harnesses for a completed look.

There was approximately $1000-$1500 spent solely on the proper finishes, coatings and platings on this vehicle; this is NOT including the chrome plating! In favor of the more common, and cheap way out of spray painting pieces to try to duplicate the look/finish of the original components, this car actually has the exact finishes Ford used in the sixties. All of the proper oil and phosphate pieces are correctly done (hood hinges, u-bolts, control arms, hood latch, etc, etc), as are the correct Zinc Dichromate, and Cadmium plated pieces.

The underside of the hood on a KR includes a fiberglass ram-air chamber/plenum. The great majority of people doing restorations on these cars merely paint the hood the proper body color, then mask off the chamber, and paint it black. This is not the correct method, however. The chamber should be glued and riveted into place after the hood is repainted. This is what occurred during the restoration of this car. The chamber was removed, the original hood was repainted, and the special rivets were custom made by a machine shop to duplicated the correct look of the original installation. The correct style bonding adhesive was even used to re-glue the chamber to the bottom side of the hood. This is yet another example of just how meticulous of a restoration was completed.

The interior is the trim-tag-correct Black Vinyl Deluxe Interior. The interior was completely redone when the car was restored as well. The console, convertible top frame, proper Stewart-Warner gauges (correct with alternator, NOT Amps), etc are all original to the car. The door panels, carpet, seat covers, top boot, etc are all newer (high quality) reproduction pieces. The instrument cluster/dash pieces are original Ford pieces. None of the unique gauges, or dash pieces are missing, or broken. All the gauges unique to the Shelby Mustang work properly, including the tachometer, speedometer, and console gauges. Both the speedo, and tachometer were sent out for a complete restoration, and recalibration. The interior chrome trim/pot metal/plastic-chrome is in excellent, restored condition. The original AM radio is in place in the dash, and it works fine. The clock, with its ORIGINAL movement still works excellent as well. The original shifter, and knob are in place in the console, and are in excellent condition. The original seat belts were sent out to Ssnake-Oyl for a complete restoration as well. This is a very expensive (finish) detail for any high quality car. To restore the seat belts completely, the webbing was replaced, new dated, part number tags were stitched on, the buckles were all rechrome, and the latches, and hardware were all complete restored. The simulated wood steering wheel is an original, which has been completely refurbished also. The original Tilt-Away steering column still works to this day! The convertible top is a brand new white vinyl replacement, with a two-piece hinged back glass. The top, and rear window are both in excellent condition. All of the glass with the exception of the front windshield are original dated pieces. The front windshield is a brand new, correct replacement Carlite piece. The trunk is completely detailed, with the correct high quality reproduction trunk mat, with proper jute-hair backing.

The wheels are brand new 10 spoke aluminum 15 inch Shelby American reproduction pieces. (This car is shown in the registry as an original hubcap car.) The tires are reproduction Polyglas GT "No Size" reproductions, also brand new.

Mechanically speaking, you couldn't ask for a NEWER, BETTER, MORE SERVICED car. The engine has been completely rebuilt, with a stock style rebuild (not a race-car-camshaft, high compression, etc!!), it has been completely balanced upon being rebuilt. The engine carries a 8E26 (May, 26th, 1968) date, and the car was built 28F (June 28). The transmission is the correct RUG-AE big input/big output transmission, which has been rebuilt, and detailed to the correct standards, with proper markings, and colorations. The clutch disc, pressure plate, t/out bearing, and flywheel are all brand new as well. The rear end has also been completely gone through as well, with all new bearings, seals, gaskets, traction loc clutch pack, etc. The rear end ratio is the correct 3.50 Traction lock unit. The brakes are new throughout, with new wheel cylinders, rebuilt original calipers, new brake hoses, completely new brake lines front to rear, master cylinder, shoes, pads, hardware, etc, etc, etc!!! The power steering set-up is all brand new/restored as well. The steering box, pump, control valve, and slave cylinder were restored by Rode's Restoration in Galion Ohio. The correct high and low pressure p/s hoses were all purchased NOS for correctness. The driveshaft is a brand new, correct-length piece, with a new (pit-free) driveshaft tube which has been cut, and installed for a fresh, NOS look. It is completely detailed with all correct markings, etc. This car also features a new, complete reproduction dual exhaust set-up, with proper muffler, resonators, H-pipe, etc. The exhaust system features original, dated, part-numbered FoMoCo exhaust clamps, hard to find original rear hangers, one piece welded rear exhaust tips (from the muffler out), with the correct chrome-plated, rolled exhaust tips. The exhaust also features an original, dated set of cast iron exhaust manifolds.

The car runs, and drives out AWESOME. This car is ready to get into, and drive, for less than the costs of duplicating a KR Convertible to this quality/standard! The engine starts immediately, and sounds great! The car starts, runs, idles, drives out EXCELLENT. It starts immediately, and comes down off fast idle/choke exactly as it should. This car is a super solid, and sound KR Convert that is ready to drive/show/enjoy. It is void of any rattles, improper noises, smoke, oil consumption, etc, etc. If you have not ever owned a early Mustang/Shelby Convertible with a solid, no rust body, you would truly be impressed. No patched up car can EVER duplicate the overall look/fit/finish of a car that is original metal.

This vehicle is being offered to the person who is looking for something other than your "average" restoration. Most super high quality restorations (Thoroughbred/Concourse Trailered) pass from collector to collector, and are rarely seen on the open market. Most individuals who have been around Mustang/Shelby restorations haven't a clue as to what it takes to duplicate/replicate a car such as what you see before yourself today. It is not only the costs involved, but the knowledge, know how, and desire to have THE BEST that it takes to complete such a difficult restoration. Here's your chance at one of the finest in the world. If average just isn't good enough, look close at this car! There is a realistic reserve in place for this hard-to-duplicate Shelby. This KR convertible is NOT your average $65,000-$75,000 Shelby.  This is approaching six-digit car! This car has been taken to a level that the great majority of people have never even seen at most car shows/auctions they have ever attended. Therefore, while it is priced in the realm of realistic, it is not by far, INEXPENSIVE. If you can only settle for one of the best, then this is the car for you. There is a several inch thick file of receipts on this car, totaling over $27,000 just in parts, and services used to complete this restoration (no paint, or labor included). Keep in mind that you are only dealing with 1 of 318 GT-500 KR convertibles in the WORLD!! Very few of them are taken to the caliber of restoration you see in front of you.

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