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1970 Mustang Fastback

Vehicle Description

You are looking at a gorgeous 70 Mustang fastback (VIN OFO2F162319).  This car was kept in a man's garage in Phoenix for the last 15-20 years, and was driven very little.  It has 74,500 actual miles, about 16k on the rebuilt 351 Cleveland and automatic transmissiom.  The paint color is 92-2 Lexus silver, the same color as "Eleanor" of the "Gone in 60 Seconds" movie. The interior is black (as original) and in very good condition.  There is no rust on this car, and was none before the car was repainted.  The car is VERY fast, and runs and drives great.  All gauges, lights, signals, etc. work perfectly. 

Vehicle Condition

This car is in great condition.  The 351 Cleveland, and transmission were rebuilt about 16k miles ago.  The engine was bored .030 over, with a mild cam, Edelbrock 4bbl, 2 1/4 Flowmaster dual exaust, 3-core radiator, resent front power disc brakes, shocks, misc.  Front end bushings, tie rods, etc, etc.  It's wicked fast, and just a blast to drive.  I wouldn't hesitate to drive it anywhere.  The paint is in great condition, and was a pretty good job- I'd say a 7, on a scale from 1-10, it's less than a year old, but I do drive it, so I'm sure there must be a chip or two somewhere, but I honestly don't see any.  The chrome is all in good to excellent condition.  The interior is in great shape- the seats, door panels, carpet, etc. have all been done in the last year. 

This car was owned by Heather Anderson, and the car was sold on auction at eBay.com .  I wish to thank Heather for allowing me to use her images here!

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